New Construction in Bethesda, Maryland

In the real estate industry, the adage is “location, location, location”. For many home buyers looking to purchase or move into a home inside the Beltway here in the Washington, DC area, that often means purchasing a lot that already has a house on it. Often times, we help our clients renovate these houses to bring them from a 1950’s style of life up to the modern times. In some cases though, given the condition of the existing structure or the desires of our clients, the house is torn down and a new house is built in it’s place. Doing so requires coordination with Civil and Structural Engineers and a firm understanding of the Montgomery County Zoning regulations and permitting process. We have recently completed the coordination for one such project in Bethesda, MD, and have recently submitted the building permit application! We are excited with the design and team we assembled. We’ll continue to update with tips and thoughts throughout the process of this project an others!

Front view of a new house we are permitting

Front view of a new house we are permitting

"Ones to Watch"

We are proud and excited to share that we’ve been featured in Bethesda Magazine as an firm in their “Ones to Watch” section that features leading young professionals in their fields. We are very much looking forward to what the future holds for us here at MCDStudio!


New Website

Welcome to the new MCDStudio website! After a little over 5 years in operation, we thought it was time for an updated website. Just as with design, this will be an evolving page, and stay tuned to our blog for our musings and thoughts about our work, architecture, and the adventures of our team!