A new bathroom for a classic home

In our last post, we shared our excitement to be working on renovation to a true mid-century modern home.  While we love the overall design and aesthetic of these homes, many of them were designed for a different way of living.  As "phase 1" of this particular project, the homeowners asked us to harvest existing space from a utility area to create a second bathroom attached to their master suite as well as a separate laundry closet.  As this space is barely 4' wide, we had to get a little creative.  We found a great option for a wall mounted toilet from Kohler, on their website we liked the space saving opportunity and the fact that it doesn't look like it belongs in a public restroom.  


Next up, we are starting the design of a mudroom addition to the side of the house!

A Mid Century Renovation

When we started McDStudio, we had hoped to maintain a weekly (or at least regularly posted) blog.  Unfortunately for our blog (fortunately for us), we have been so busy with keeping up with our design projects the whole blogging thing was forgotten a bit.  But we're hoping to remedy that now, and we figured a great way to start was documenting our renovation of a 1950's mid century modern house near Silver Spring, MD.  The home was originally design by Charles Goodman.  If you don't know who he was, he was one of the premier mid century Architects in the Washington DC area.  Check him out here:


The particular house we're working on is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, single level house where our clients would like to add a bathroom and a mudroom.  We were lucky enough to score a copy of the original plans for the home.  Aside from being a great starting point, they're pretty neat to see.

Original Goodman floor plan

Original Goodman floor plan

We'll plan to keep this updated as our work progresses!

Fresh-Look Webiste

Welcome to our new website and blog.  Once we were turned on to "squarespace" it looked like a great, clean way to update our website.  We're still adding content and moving information over from our old site, so bear with us for a bit, but it'll be worth it, this site looks way cooler!